How do I build a good credit history?

Although it seems surprising, many of the people who need to hire a financial product for the first time tend to have the same problem as those already in the system: their credit history.   What is this about? On the one hand we have those who have not yet hired a banking service. Young […]

Banks / Lenders – Information and links for anyone you can borrow from

We have lots of comparisons of private loans, mortgages, SMS loans etc. Go directly and compare loans instead if you want to find a cheap lender and borrow money. Here you will find information about all major banks and lenders offering loans. Within each bank or lender’s own article, you can read some about what […]

Bank personal loan installment calculation or unsecured loan

Mini loan postepay evolution forum If you need work on the loan they can be indicated in the comments section the bank will have all the formula of the pension or the connected contracts, or guaranteed by the bills, that the position. Loan to subjects who provide rehabilitation loans to the applicant for liquidity the […]

Best online payday loans -Payday advance loans online: Get Started Now

Payday advance loans online: Get Started Now Online payday loans are a great convenience for customers. The advantages include a minimum of formalities, no guarantors, the opportunity to get a loan in a very short time without leaving home. Do you know what the security rules are when taking non-bank loans? Taking out loans on […]

Leave it to the experts: calculate your loan online for free!

Calculating a loan does not take much time at all. And you don’t have to be an expert to do this yourself. It is about entering an amount and choosing the duration of the loan. With that data you already have a result in front of you. It could hardly be easier. Banks have also […]

How to get a loan without a co-applicant

    The recommendation of financial institutions is clear, especially for small loans: If possible, one should not make the loan application alone but with a co-applicant. But what does that mean and what if you want to have a loan without a co-applicant? Is such a wish then excluded? The credit without a co-applicant: […]

Smart ways to compare loans: everything at a glance!

Comparing a loan is still unknown to many people. While the tools are there, certainly via the internet. You used to have to go to a bank branch to request a service. You know it, the long waiting times and unclear information you received then did not make it any easier. But nowadays you can […]

Credit with completed credit bureau entry – is this possible?

A loan with a completed credit bureau entry Under certain circumstances, obtaining a loan with a completed credit bureau entry may not be very easy, as a negative feature that has been completed by yourself is still included in the assessment of the borrower in the risk assessment of the loan application. Of course, it can come […]

Apply for foreign loans – despite less good creditworthiness & no cost

Fast, serious and uncomplicated Getting a loan abroad is a problem for many. My personal experience on what I have learned and what you should pay attention to if you are looking for serious foreign loans. Finding a loan from abroad can often be very frustrating. Rule # 1: Never pay any pre-cost, expenses or […]

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